Master’s Degree in Computer Science

Ecole des Mines de Nantes : 2012-2015

Undergraduate studies to prepare for the national competitive exam to enter engineering schools, majoring in Advanced Physics, Advanced Mathematics and Engineering Science.

Core subjects

  • Introduction to Informations Systems
  • New Generation Languages (ex : Scala, Haskell, Javascript)
  • Introduction to relational Database management and User Interfaces
  • Statistics
  • Organisation Theory and Management
  • Industrial Processes and Logistics
  • Computers Architecture
  • Software Architecture and Advanced Conception
  • Sociology of Technology
  • Computer Networks
  • Computer Security


Openstack distribution

Worked on the distribution of Openstack. We had to study the modules to find out which ones would be difficult to distribute and what problems could be encountered due to this different architecture.

Sound & Light

The goal of the project was to synchronize the sound coming out from a controller Dj or a music file with a video projector. The user can choose between a full screen or forms. We used java with a graphical library: processing and a sound one: minim. We chose the observer pattern and to work with github in order to work on the same project at the same time. Here is the GitHub repository.


Student’s Association Webmaster

Maintained as a Webmaster a php website. It enabled me to put into practice what I had learned about web development and how to design and maintain a website and its ERP-like software developed by school students.

Junior Enterprise - Project Manager

Interacted between the client and the others parties in order to define project specifications and see if the client’s needs and the student’s capabilities are compatible in order to carry out the project, either in computer science or in web development.