Mehdi Raphaël Raddadi

Engineering Student

About Me

Versatile and hard-working Computer Science engineer graduated from Ecole des Mines de Nantes, currently specializing in Digital Investigation and Forensic Computing in UCD.

Master’s Degree in Digital Investigation & Forensic Computing

Univestity College Dublin : 2015-2016

  • Information Security
  • Computer Forensics
  • Corporate Investigations

  • Application Forensic
  • Investigation Techniques
  • Law for IT Investigators

Master’s Degree in Computer Science

Ecole des Mines de Nantes : 2012-2015

  • Introduction to Informations Systems
  • New Generation Languages (ex : Scala, Haskell, Javascript)
  • Introduction to relational Database management and User Interfaces
  • Statistics
  • Organisation Theory and Management
  • Industrial Processes and Logistics

  • Computers Architecture
  • Software Architecture and Advanced Conception
  • Sociology of Technology
  • Computer Networks
  • Computer Security

Undergraduate Studies

Preparatory School : 2010-2012

Undergraduate studies to prepare for the national competitive exam to enter engineering schools, majoring in Advanced Physics, Advanced Mathematics and Engineering Science.

Lycée Saint Louis

Lycée Lavoisier


Computer Science

Engineering : UML, Programming, Java, C#, Scala, Haskell, Android

Data Base : SQL, MySQL, NoSQL
Web : HTML/CSS, SCSS, PHP, Javascript, NodeJS, AJAX

Experience With : Linux, Windows, Oracle, Openstack, Hadoop, Amazone Web Services

Frameworks : .Net, Bootstrap (LESS), Foundation (SCSS), Play 2.2.1 (Java version), Symfony2.

Other : AKKA – LaTeX – Word – Excel – Power Point – Photoshop


French : Native

English : Professional (IELTS : 7.5/9.0) 6.5 is required to study in England

Japanese & Spanish : Basic

Masters' Thesis : Morphological Analysis & Game Theory

  • Morphological Analysis
  • Python
  • Dota2
  • Django
  • AngularJS

I am currently working on a tool written in Python using morphological analysis which should enable any person to create the basis for a cross consistency general morphological analysis matrix and fill it based on JSON for any size of data. To illustrate this concept I am developping a tool with django framework to analysis the heroes drafting theory the game Dota2.

Last year School project : Openstack

  • Openstack
  • Python
  • Linux

Worked on the distribution of Openstack. We had to study the modules to find out which ones would be difficult to distribute and what problems could be encountered du to this different architecture.

Sound & Light - Semester 2 - 2013-2014

  • Java
  • Processing
  • Minim

The goal of the project was to synchronize the sound coming out from a controller Dj or a music file with a video projector. The user can choose between a full screen or forms. We used java with a graphical library: processing and a sound one: minim. We chose the observer pattern and to work with github in order to work on the same project at the same time. Here is the GitHub repository

Professor Schedule Website – Autumn 2013

  • Java
  • PlayFramework
  • Html
  • Css

This project’s goal was to develop, in a team of 2, an application for the University professor to enable them to schedule all their meetings. As we just had a 2 hours introduction to the Framework Play!, the functionalities expected were very simple : Login on a different view depending if you were an administrator or not. Being able to create different meetings with certainty that all will be there Being able to comment

Mark Management System – Autumn 2013

  • Java
  • Sql

This project was designed to use all the knowledge we got during the module on dataBase and graphic user interface in Java. It consisted in developing an application to manage students marks. You had to be able to manage students in modules and groups, give them marks that you could validate.

Vote for a picture – Spring 2013

  • Java
  • Android

This was the first Software development project we had to carry out. The aim of the project was to build an Application in Java for the Android platform capable of getting a pair of pictures from a server, let the user vote for one of them and send the result back to the server. I also used an interface with graphs for the results to be clearer for the user.

Student’s Association Webmaster

  • PHP
  • SQL
  • Html
  • Css

Maintained as a Webmaster a php website. It enabled me to put into practice what I had learned about web development and how to design and maintain a website and its ERP-like software developed by school students.

Junior Enterprise - Project Manager

  • Project Management

Interacted between the client and the others parties in order to define project specifications and see if the client’s needs and the student’s capabilities are compatible in order to carry out the project, either in computer science or in web development.

Internship - CGI Business Consulting

Security Consultant Intern

  • Information Security
  • Governance
  • Agile Methodologies
  • PowerPoint

Worked as a security consultant intern for six month on agile integration in development processes. In that context, I had first, to familiarize myself with what characterize an agile methodology, then I studied methodologies in use to integrate security in the development processes before combining the two and create a new methodology. At the same time, I participated to two missions, the first one was on an Information Security Management System, how to choose risks and link them to the characteristics of the company. The second mission was to write security policies and the corresponding procedures for an insurance company. To do that we had to interview all the staff in relation to security and then adapt or create the documents.

Internship - iQuate

Software Development Intern

  • .Net
  • C#
  • SQL
  • Oracle
  • Linux
  • Html/CSS
  • Javascript

Worked as a software development intern for four month on iQsonar, a data gathering software for significant datacenters. I was employed in the creation of softwares modules within the product stack and also in the creation of the web-based GUI control interface. I had the opportunity to work with various technologies, from Oracle to the .Net framework or linux OS.

Internship - Degrémont

Production Trainee

As part of my Master, I made an Internship at Degrémont as a Production Trainee. In that context, I had first to develop a precise and reliable way to measure plastic tile thickness. I had also to analyse data I collected all along the production line to determine the cause of production waste for a certain type of tile. These projects allowed me to work and collaborate with all kinds of people : I had to communicate with operators in order for them to understand what I was doing and get their help and approval, I had to communicate with the management, to explain how I was doing, where I was in my research. In a Company all the services are interconnected and a good intern communication is really important for the work to be done.